Timelapsing on Holiday

First published September 13th 2015.

When sitting down to edit some footage from Vienna, the first thing I thought about was how hot it was. Indeed, my edit was titled "Hottest Timelapse Footage Ever (aka can someone turn down the sun in Vienna)". Then I researched how hot it actually was.

"Between the 6th and 14th of August Vienna experienced temperatures above 35 degrees no fewer than nine days in a row."

Conveniently, my trip to Vienna was from the 31st July to the 7th August, so I just about missed the longest period of sustained temperatures above 35 degrees C since 2003's record (of 5 days). However, that didn't mean it wasn't hot! It was not unbearable, but it was certainly not what I was used to.

Luckily, my duties in Vienna did not consist of much - I had no obligations to fulfil or shots to get. Hence, I wasn't particularly keen on carrying around a 25kg camera bag... I went round Vienna taking photos, being relieved I was not carrying a heavy bag, and generally enjoying myself. I spent some time with Julia Grill, and we visited an art gallery, the Donauturm and the Schönbrunn Palace. Also, ice cream parlours!

Some timelapse was eventually shot, however... I went out for approximately five hours in total to get timelapse shots, mostly in the morning hours before it got really hot. I ended up with six timelapse shots, but not without some struggles: filters were left in hotel rooms, SD cards were left in laptops, cameras were left turned on in bags. They certainly weren't incredibly enjoyable timelapse sessions, but the final footage is actually pretty nice. The sheer amount of haze which hangs over the city - especially the first district - lead to some difficulties, but nothing too unmanageable.

So, please check out 'Vienna - Five Hours of Timelapse'! If you enjoy the video, please share it!